ZMax contributes to Legends Points Fund

Zmax owner Bruton Smith, who also owns US Legends International, the manufacturer of Legends cars, has announced that he will be contributing $200,000 to point funds for the 2010 season for all of North America.  The Legends racers of Capital City Speedway are going to receive some of that money.  In a call with Darrel Krantz from INEX, they will contribute $1,000 to the Legends end of season points payout.


Local Drivers do well in Orlando

There were over 75 Legends teams who braved the cold temperatures and occasional rain outs that prevailed during the 2010 Legends Winter National event held at Orlando Speedworld from February 8-13. Of those 75 teams, there were three that drove down from Ottawa’s own Capital City Speedway: Kevin Foisy (#55), Mike Madore (#59) and Bob Sugrue (#21).

Monday was host to open practice, to allow the drivers to acclimate to the track and tweak the set ups on their cars. Each day following that held a round of qualifying in the mornings, with Feature Races running in the afternoons. Points were given for each racer’s finishing position in the Feature, and Ottawa was well represented in the field of 23 Masters, with a 2nd-place overall finish for Kevin Foisy (behind Clay Hair), and 16th and 18th position finishes for Mike Madore and Bob Sugrue.

With high banks and quick straights, the Legends drivers were able to carry a lot of speed into and through the corners, making the racing very competitive and exciting to watch. The race director kept the drivers on a very short leash, sending several drivers to the rear of the field, or even black-flagging them for rough driving. As with most competitive driving, there were a couple of accidents through the week – whether through collisions or a result of damp track conditions - that had a few cars out for a night, but none of the Ottawa-based drivers were part of that statistic.

Jeremy Coulter, the new manager of Capital City Speedway, joined the Ottawa teams in Florida; he and his wife (Miranda) used the CapCity Dodge Ram to travel with Mike Madore, bringing Mike, his wife (Sandi), and his Legend car to the Florida event. Jeremy assisted Mike in the pits through the week, and was also able to do some cross-promotion and networking with other prominent race teams – some of whom (including the Dwayne Gaulding, Director of Marketing for the NASCAR Truck Team, whose son, Gray Gaulding, races in the Young Lions division), are considering driving up to Ottawa to participate in the Legends Regional Qualifier race to be held in September 2010 at Capital City Speedway.

If the racing in Florida is any indication of what will be seen in Ottawa in 2010, it’s going to be an exciting season!


New Cars being built

I received a call today from a local car owner stating that he has been very busy building 4 new mini stocks and one new 4-fun car.  The 4-fun car is being built for a driver who will make the jump to mini-stock in 2011 so his cage has been built so it will easily make the transition.  This is great news for both classes and Capital City Speedway in our plans to go car counts in each class.

I have also been told of a new Thunder car driver for 2011 and possibly a new Late Model.  Things seem to be taking shape for 2010. 

Below is a letter I received from an anonymous fan.  They used to attend Capital City Speedway years ago and it looks like with the new direction is bringing fans back to our speedway.

"Hi there Jeremy, I was just looking at the capital city speedway website as I have not been there for quite some time and it looks great. The 2010 season sure seems like its going to be an exciting one. It sounds like all the classes are going to be very competitive. I hope that you can keep up the good work. You are doing an amazing thing for local racing fans by making all these changes to the track. We're all looking forward to what you have in store for us this year."
                                                                                     Anonymous Racing Fan


53 Colours signs on as Title Rights Advertisers for Thunder Cars

53 Colours after taking a year away from Capital City Speedway has come back in full force.  Not only will 53 Colours be the title rights advertiser for the Thunder Car division but Todd Musker has announced he will be back racing full time.  This is great news for Musker fans. 

53 Colours has also just finished placing the new speedway logo on the side of the track Dodge Ram.  Look for this truck around town.

visit to find out more about their signage work and the race team.


Class Drivers meetings held on the weekend

The class meetings were held this week with a great turnout from drivers
and crew.  Russell Drummond opened the meetings reminding everyone that the
track will be paved and the wall between turns 1 and 2 is being replaced.

He welcomed Ed Crilly to the team as the new Capital City Speedway Tech
Inspector, then turned the floor over to Jeremy for a few other updates:

- SCHEDULE REVIEW:  they are targeting the last Wednesday in May to start
racing - this is dependent on the track surface being solid enough to
handle the cars and the pressure from the cars in the corners.  Two
Saturday events have been approved for the 2010 season. The focus, again,
is on the weekly Wednesday night races - they ask that everyone helps in
getting the weekly races running smoothly and putting on a great show for
the fans.  The regular season will end on the last Wednesday in August,
with a final Saturday event (non-points) in the third week of September.

- GATE FEES: gate fees for racers will be stable for all Wednesday night
races.  The CapCity team is also looking into a "member" or "non-member"
rate.  Front gate rates are also being reviewed; a "family pack" may also
be introduced.

- PAYOUTS:  payouts have increased in each class.  There will also be
lap-sponsors for each class for each Feature Race each night.  Lap-Sponsor
contracts are $250 for one lap per class per season; $10 per night will be given to the
leader of each lap, with approximately $90 of the $250 going towards
   Weekly payouts will be paid at sign in the following week.  This
is to allow sufficient time to process the data for the lap-sponsor
payouts.  Payouts will be paid by cheque.

- PRE-SEASON TECH DAY:  tech inspections are going to be more rigorous this
season.  To help all drivers have their programs well within the rule books
by opening night, there will be a pre-season tech-day.  No racing will be
done on that day, it is only to ensure all vehicles meet the technical
requirements outlined in the rule books.

- GREEN-FLAG STARTS:  to avoid congestion in turn 1, it was agreed that a
"start line" (or pylon) will be placed mid-way between turns 3 and 4.  That
is where drivers are to start rolling on the gas, to cross the start-finish
line at full speed.

- LINE-UPS:  numbers will be pulled at the pit-gate for the heat line-ups:
second heat will be an inversion of the first.  Features will be lined up
reverse-order-of-points, with the points champion and previous week's
feature winner starting at the back.  The rule of "lose a spot for each
week missed" will be strictly enforced.

- DAILY SCHEDULES will be available on-line and on race day.  These will
detail the practice times for each class, and the running order for the
night.  Practice will be scheduled from 5:30-6:40, with racing starting at

- AMBULANCE: an ambulance with two EMR's will be at the track.  Final
details are being negotiated.  The CapCity team is looking at having the
EMR's supplemented with a volunteer firefighter, specialized in

- NATIONAL ANTHEM:  One class (changes each night) will be invited to line up on the track while the National Anthem is being sung/played.  The title sponsor for that night
will then give the call for "Drivers, start your engines!"

- PRACTICE NIGHTS:  Monday night practice nights are being considered -
these are partially dependent on the ambulance negotiations to ensure the
EMR's will be available, as well as tow-trucks, so all drivers in a class
are able to go on the track at the same time.

- TRACK RENTALS: the track will also be available for individual rental
(without medical staff or tow-trucks).  The fee structure has not yet been

The CapCity rule book has always been matched with Kawartha Speedway with the exception of some wording.  We will work at getting these rule books to be the same so cars can travel between tracks with no changes needed.

Notes specific to each class meeting are below. 


The 2008 rule book for 4-fun had told teams that for the 2010 race season a 4 point cage would be mandatory.  Since teams would have already started to implement this change, and with the focus being on safety for this season, we will be enforcing this update in 2010.  For specifics on the cage please visit see the two illustrations below. 


These cages are available from Canadian Stock Car products.  The cage on the left is the current 4-fun 4 point cage.  The cage on the right is a mini-stock cage that would get tied into the front and rear sections of the car.  The cost difference on these cages is $5.

With the cage changes that were already implemented prior to our management group taking over, we have decided to merge the 4-fun class up to mini stock for the 2011 race season.  This will allow us to make certain that fans and racers will be part of a 3 - 3 1/2 hour show.  Last season several 4-fun features were cancelled due to the curfew of 11pm.  The goal is to get the Wednesday show down to being completed by 10 - 10:30. 

4-fun drivers will also receive Lap Sponsorship payouts as we add advertisers to their class.

This is the only change planned for 4-fun from the 2009 rule book.



As previously discussed, the 2009 rule book will be used.  The only change made at the meeting is to remove the specific weight penalty as it referred to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers and reverting back to the 2009 rules.

This is the only change implemented at this time. 


Thunder Cars

No changes to the rule book.



Legends will follow the INEX rule book again in 2010. 


Late Models

There are no changes to the rule book as we will run the ACT rule book for Late Model.  We will be allowing Limited Late Models to run at the same time.  We are committed to working with the Limited Late Model owners to ensure they can remain competitive.

Late Models will be part of our weekly program with the exception of one Wednesday that they are not scheduled to run due to the 100 lap race on the previous Saturday.  This will also help CapCity to share cars with Kawartha Speedway, they are running a 100 late model feature the following week.


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